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The New in Thing?

Forex binary options are really the new in thing. And the good thing for you to know is that forex binary options are here to stay. In order to know what we are speaking about when discussing forex binary options, we need to look at binary options more specifically. When you trade binary options, you are trading the underlying asset. These assets are either stocks, idicies, commodities and forex. The latter is known as forex binary options. In the past year, forex binary options have caught the world by storm, meaning that more and more traders are trading forex binary options now more than ever!

The Basics

The basics of forex binary options are quite simple. Prior to forex binary options, forex was only really traded when it came to the forex or currency markets. Many traders did make huge profits from this. At the same time, there were a lot of people that did happen to lose a lot of money from currency trading. When it comes to trading regular forex, the market is very precise, and outsiders don’t really have much clue of what forex is really about. However, forex binary options turned all of this on its head. Thus with the development of binary options came forex binary options.

Forex Binary Options vs. Traditional forex


There is a lot of information to cover when comparing forex binary options with regular forex. When you trade regular forex, there is leverage that means you can either make very big gains or losses in a very short period of time. The big gain potential may sound attractive at first. But when you look at things a lot closer, a currency pair in the forex market can move several hundred pips in one day. Therefore, at any one time in the day, your profits and losses may be exaggerated due to the leverage factor. However, with forex binary options, the only thing that matters is if the forex binary option expires above or below the strike price. But with regular forex this is absent. So just from this you can already see the great benefits of forex binary options.

Spreads, Commissions and Rollover

You should be aware that when you trade regular forex, the spread can wipe out your trade. Forex brokers either offer fixed or variable spreads. Additionally, in volatile market conditions, spreads can widen. Especially in these cases, your currency pair or currency pairs can be wiped out with a margin call. Furthermore, when you buy or sell the currency pair that you trade, you will have to pay a spread. This can be a lot of money, especially when you are buying many currency pairs. On top off this, there can be additional commissions when trading forex. What can really get you in the end with forex, but not with forex binary options is the rollover, which is charged on the currency pair that you hold according to the respective 2 country’s interest rates.

Forex Binary Options – Paramount

Due to forex binary options having so many advantages over forex and other trading methods, this really has made forex binary options paramount. This is the main reasons why so many ex-forex market traders now trade forex binary options. This trend is likely to continue, as forex traders learn to understand the range of benefits that are available to them if they join a binary options broker and trade binary options. If you want to have the great opportunity to see the profits rolling in, trade forex binary options at the next available opportunity.

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